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First-Aid Kit for your Mac. It’s like having your personal support 24/7.

First-Aid Kit for your Mac. It’s like having your personal support 24/7.

iDoctor is a comprehensive Mac OS X application with 15 cleaning and optimization tools that makes it easy for you to perform maintenance tasks in order to keep your Mac clean.

With iDoctor’s help you can also manage, encrypt, backup, recover or shred files with just a couple of mouse clicks. Thus, the Data Encryptor makes it possible to hide and protect sensitive data using a password.

Also, iDoctor helps you scan your Mac’s hard drive in order to reveal large files you don't need anymore. In addition, the Duplicates Finder enables you to get rid of duplicate files while the Fast Cleanup feature finds and removes junk files.

On top of that, iDoctor’s Anti-Theft feature enables you to track your Mac in case your computer gets stolen.

The service is remarkable for its simple and clutter-free interface and several valuable features. The application supports Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, and anyone can download the software from their website Besides offering range of useful features, such as Mac Health Rate monitor and Cleaning utilities, iDoctor will provide professional assistance 24/7.

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iDoctor 1

User reviews about iDoctor

  • fritznolan

    by fritznolan

    "A lot of tools and this is cool"

    You can use this piece of software as a system manager with a lot of tools, and also as an anti theft and tracking to...   More.

  • harrythunder

    by harrythunder

    "I give it the thumbs up for theft tracker"

    Lot of Mac users like feature packed applications. iDoctor is a perfect example of it. Multifunctional system utility...   More.

  • Alison_clark

    by Alison_clark

    "I like bundles "

    It has 2 main tools safe browsing and theft tracker. The first one helps not to worry while surfing the Internet and ...   More.

  • MacAllanDen

    by MacAllanDen

    "Not bad for first look"

    Looks nice and price is quite reasonable. Let's see... The activation process is simple..   More.